This card was meant to be a letter

Josh is one of my best friends, we’ve been working and making mischief together for nearly 20 years. His birthday was several months ago and I foolishly demanded of myself, “I shall write him a long letter! Not just a card, but a full letter!”

Rubber stamps are perfect for making patterns very quickly.

While I’m in love with the idea of writing letters… I am a card writer.

Greeting cards, postcards, notecards flow into my local postbox at a staggeringly high rate when compared to long letter messages. I have yet to figure out if this is because of whom I frequently mail (possible) or if this is who I am as a person (probable) or both (most plausible).

Keep an eye out for clearance stickers and rubber stamps. Over time, libraries can be built very cheaply.

I have a compulsion to move the goal post for myself, forever further down the field, whenever I begin to accomplish something.

Even when it is something without consequences (personal mail to a friend) without a timeline (there is a 0% chance Josh’s feelings will be hurt that his card is late, or frankly, if I never sent it at all). Taking a moment of gratitude to dismantle that internal pressure:

Something I love about my friends: because mail is unexpected, it is always welcome. A months-late birthday card is going to be as well received as an on-time one.

Something I love about mail, in general: Because the format is paper, it can be rapidly and expansively and inexpensively be customized and personalized.

Something I love about accomplishing a goal: That immediate feeling of accomplishment from checking something off a “to do” list.




2 responses to “This card was meant to be a letter”

  1. I would like to do more making of cards and decorating said cards and stationery. I have written letters to my grandma for years and to my dad (until his death last year), and now my uncle (since we both miss my dad) but one person I miss writing is a pen-pal who would include little snippets of things (once she sent a book of matches from a local pub) and added stickers and pictures on the page.

    1. I don’t have a great resource for pen pals at the moment, but I’m on the search for it. Happy to write to exchange the occasional letter and card with you myself!

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