My cousin, in the Addams tradition

When you review Addams Family genealogy, it is… a mess. Sometimes Fester is Gomez’s brother, other time Morticia’s. Grand-mama similarly bounces around.

Cousins and uncles and aunts are all mentioned frequently, rarely making an onscreen appearance, always having influence on one of the world’s foremost goth families.

Are we sure, truly, that these extended branches to the family tree are rooted in blood? For that matter, why would they need to be?

Found Family is an incredible trope — in fiction as well as real life — and the Addams assuredly participate.

I would wager even that to be an “Addams” is more of a self selected title! In a family that regales in villainy, tomfoolery, and rapscallion-olotry, there is simply no way they would seek blood tests to prove lineage.

Seek blood? Yes of course, but not to prove you belong. You belong, you’re family, you’re loved, you’re wanted (for crimes and charges to be disclosed later.)

I have begun introducing friends as “This is my cousin, in the Addams tradition.” I’ve begun writing “Cousin” next to their names on envelopes for cards.

Are you thus an Addams as well, my fellow?

Shall we dance?

Here in the moonlight, here in the graveyard?




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