Contact & PO Box

Physical Mail

Netherworld Post Office
P.O. Box 2228
Chicago, IL 60613

(Please note: You must address it to Netherworld Post Office, otherwise it will probably be returned.)

We love cards and letters! We love email!

We love fan theories about Scooby-Doo, mentions of old cartoons, reading about your artwork and writing in progress, thoughts on old DragonLance stories, older cartoons (everything from Wacky Races to Mission Hill). If you you want to write but aren’t sure how to start, drop an email in the box below with what you’re interested in. Maybe we are too!

Rules and boundaries

  • Please allow a few days for an email response, we are a tiny company.
  • Please do not mail food, drinks, or perishables. Our mailbox is checked at irregular times during the week so there is a good chance delivered items may spoil before we are able to get them.
  • All mail received may be photographed for our Mail Sent & Received column and/or used on our social media accounts. Similarly, we may post our replies to you. Your name, address, and personal details will be obscured and never shared to ensure your privacy.
  • We reserve the right to reply if and when we like. This is to say, we cannot guarantee a reply, we cannot guarantee we will post photos of mail received.
  • All mail received becomes property of Netherworld Post Office and will not be returned.
  • All emails are subject to the same provisions as physical mail.
  • We do not solicit nor accept ideas nor inspiration nor content. Emails or letters with such will not be read. This is a common boundary for creators, as we must protect ourselves legally against claims of copyright usage or stealing content.
  • We are not hiring at this time.