About Netherworld Post Office

Netherworld Post Office is a tiny independent media studio creating spooky nonsense. Our mission is to make the world a weirder, more enjoyable place via:

Evil paper goods

We design and develop greeting cards, postcards, envelopes, invitation suites, art stamp postage, stickers, mailing labels, and a wide assortment of other fantasy postage and business supplies. From 2012 – 2020, we operated under the name Evil Supply Co.

We relaunched in 2023 with the same mission and staff; one of the main reasons for the name change during the launching is to end confusion over said mission (we are “mischief, cartoon evil” not “true crime and/or horror evil.” This is a clarification, not judgement.)

Monster slice-of-life

We design, write, and illustrate comics and stories with original characters and settings. These stories focus on monsters, mermaids, witches, and ghosts, frequently queer, living in a utopian dimension.

Bespoke nonsense

We develop guides for RPG world building, character backstory creation, artifact histories, and similar plot device and background flavor materials for private clients.


Who runs this ghost post office?

“Fang, I am putting you in charge of office candy this year.”
“I had already put myself in charge.”

Atticus “atty” Q. Redghost (they/them)

Owner, writer, illustrator, designer. Atticus has been making tomfoolery for the web for fun and profit since the early ’90s. A former graphic designer that turned a lifetime of freelance into a small business empire into this studio.

Fang (she/her)

Producer. Wrangler of inspiration, voice of reason focusing mad whirlwinds, knower of things. Fang has been working with atty for nearly the entire time they’ve been making things.