We are mischief makers.

We draft essays, draw comics, produce rambling compositions. We develop fantasy-world research around real-world subjects.

We celebrate Halloween every day, mail lots of postcards, create spooky art, and write stories about monsters kissing monsters.

Thank you for supporting independent monster media

This blog launched in mid-April 2023, the re-branded/re-vamped Evil Supply Co. shop opens in Autumn 2023. We have so many plans in progress for the next few years:

A calendar tracking haunted holidays and birthdays, designed for easy following nearly everywhere (including, quite possibly, your job’s mail program).

Essays on ghost cartoons from the 80s and 90s.

On The Addams Family, Munsters, Scooby-Doo, and other comfort Halloween media.

Guides on how to host tea parties through the mail, so everyone can attend, dressed in their finest (be it a luxurious costume or extremely comfortable pajamas).

How to make mail with a great aesthetic in mind without getting bogged down with outdated etiquette rules you don’t want to follow.

A non-technical, specifically written not to be boring, guide on how to create a bank in your fantasy RPG (with side notes on how your rogue can, and should, rob it).

And so much more.

The current goal is to publish an essay once a week or so, with a split focus between mail inspiration, and rambles about Halloween and cartoons, until autumn. Then we’ll publish faster and more broadly.

Same crew, same core idea, no outside investors, we didn’t sell.

Between a traffic accident and Covid times, we have used the last few years to reorganize the back office to run better.

We are also taking this opportunity to end confusion: we are exclusively with bumbling and silliness.

There wasn’t any actual evil in Evil Supply Co. We are spooky, never scary (this isn’t a judgement, only a clarification long overdue).

We are revamping the Evil Supply Co. store and expect it to relaunch under this new name in Autumn 2023.